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Orient Express is your first class ticket to a premium cannabis harvest - created using a blend of fine Indica and Sativa genetics from Asia. It's a heavy yielder, especially for a Sativa dominant hybrid, flowering in a total of 9 weeks. You should expect very floral buds with a natural earthy flavour when it comes to harvest. It tastes like the wild rainforests it was sourced from. It's highs are warming and social - very cosy with no paranoia or anxiety at all.

Overall Score 3.9 All Aboard!
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Ace Seeds: Orient Express

Orient Express is a potent F1 hybrid that combines the high yield of aromatic and resinous flowers of our selected Vietnam Black mother with the low height and short flowering time of our Chinese Yunnan Indica.
Recommended for Asian sativa lovers with small gardens.

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  • 1 Seed - £7.60
  • 5 Seeds - £31.29
  • 1 Seed- £6.49
  • 5 Seeds - £32.44
  • 1 Seed- £8.49
  • 5 Seeds - £36.99
  • 5 Seeds - £39.95
  • 5 Seeds - £34.20
  • 5 Seeds - £33.10
  • 5 Seeds - £36.14

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