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Afghan Skunk is a blend of two fine Afghan and Skunk varieties that grows thick and fast with aromatic and potent buds. It's favoured among newbie growers for being especially easy to grow to harvest. It puts out yields just below half a kilo per meter squared that are extremely rocky and dense. Flowering time is just 60 days. It's effects are well balanced because genetically it is a 60/40 Indica/Sativa hybrid. You get the mellow body stone along with a mood lifting high.

Overall Score 3.6 Stinking!
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Advanced Seeds: Afghan Skunk

Hybrid Indica / Sativa. Very robust and highly productive plant, with large, dense buds. Its scent and flavour are very powerful due to their Skunk genetic. Adverse weather resistant and easy to grow, ideal for beginners. Flowering period 8 weeks. In cold climates can develop reds and purples buds at the end of the flowering period.

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