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If time is of the essence, there's no need waiting months on end for your cannabis to be ready for harvest. Early Widow produces the classic White Widow buds we all know and love, in just 49 days of flowering! It doesn't compromise yield and potency either. It puts out around 400 grams per meter squared and around 16% THC, which is a mean feat for that time frame! If you want high quality weed, and you want it fast, put your money on Early Widow!

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Advanced Seeds: Early Widow

Mostly Indica. White Widow selection. Highly resinous. Its smaller size is compensated by the great deal of resin that you can find in its buds. Sweet-and-sour aroma. It intense smell increase during flowering until high levels. Very intense taste.

To get bigger plants it is possible to maintain growing period until four weeks. Outdoor growing is easy because this is a compact and strong variety.

Compare Advanced Seeds Early Widow Prices

  • 1 Seed - £7.60
  • 1 Seed - £7.60
  • 10 Seeds - £47.36
  • 1 Seed- £5.22
  • 3 Seeds - £15.68
  • 10 Seeds - £49.00
  • 10 Seeds - £54.99
  • 10 Seeds - £48.23
  • 1 Seed - £6.04
  • 3 Seeds - £15.84
  • 10 Seeds - £49.50

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