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Whatever your preferred method of growing is, Heavy Bud will adapt and flourish in that environment. There's not a lot that can stop this plant from delivering a successful harvest. It's a highly resilient Indica variety that grows strong and sturdy with a dense central tower of bud. If you're an inexperienced grower that wants an easy ride from start to finish, Heavy Bud will do you proud with yields just below half a kilogram per meter squared indoors!

Overall Score 3.8 Heavy Times
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Advanced Seeds: Heavy Bud

Advanced Seeds crossed a selection of varieties chosen because of their versatility and adaptation capability to any type of cultivation system, resistance to pests and strong structure. Heavy Bud has a sweet and delicate fruity aroma, citric flavours with a hint of mint. It’s smooth when smoked, ideal for persons who do not mix marijuana snuff. Heavy Bud is very easy to grow, recommended for novice growers.

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  • 1 Seed - £6.76
  • 10 Seeds - £54.98
  • 1 Seed- £5.88
  • 3 Seeds - £17.64
  • 10 Seeds - £58.80
  • 10 Seeds - £52.60
  • 1 Seed - £6.53
  • 3 Seeds - £17.82
  • 10 Seeds - £59.40
  • 1 Seed - £6.60
  • 3 Seeds - £18.00
  • 10 Seeds - £60.00

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