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If growing perhaps isn't your forte and you find the challenge a bit daunting, you're not going to have a problem with Auto Bomb from Bomb Seeds. It's one of the easiest and fastest cannabis strains you can grow that is ready to harvest after just 65 days of growing from seed. Auto Bomb requires no special attention to produce around 300 grams per meter squared and a concentration of up to 15% THC. It delivers a classic stone that everybody loves and appreciates.

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Bomb Seeds: Auto Bomb

After several years in the making we have successfully crossed the power of Bomb Seeds with an autoflowering ruderalis to create Auto Bomb. Auto strains are the latest sensation in cannabis seeds technology with Auto Bomb proving one of the strongest autos to date. Our breeder has worked tirelessly to perfect a fast finishing, high yielding, powerful auto variety.

Auto Bomb has all the positive traits of a conventional auto producing abundant resin and an explosive covering of milky white trichromes. The main kola that forms is dense and heavy giving great access come harvest time for trimming shade leaves and branches. In a complex process Bomb #1 was crossed with a ruderalis and back crossed with a selected psychoactive haze. The result is an auto with much improved flavour, strength and potency which most autos lack.

The plant can be ready from May to October and can be finished in as little as 65 days from seed. This is a real connoisseur’s auto with high THC and better yields while being exceptionally easy to grow. Auto Bomb is one of the largest yielding autos to date.

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