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Berry Bomb is basically Bomb Seeds' version of Blueberry. This strain is highly sought after by Blueberry lovers because not only does it offer larger yields than the original, it also flowers significantly faster too. In as little as 49 days your Berry Bomb yield will be ready to harvest, weighing as much as 600 grams per meter squared and carrying a THC concentration up to 20%. Before you know it you'll have baskets of sweet blueberry flavoured bud that'll deliver a classic Indica stone.

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Bomb Seeds: Berry Bomb

Berry Bomb is a unique cross of a hand selected Blueberry mother with the all powerful Bomb #1 father. The result is an outstanding Blueberry like plant, but with bigger yields and more THC. The Bomb #1 father gives Berry Bomb explosive growth while making the strain much easier to grow (both indoors and out). This strain produces a large dominant single kola with strong internodal distances. The characteristic explosive growth makes this an excellent choice for SCROG.

Berry Bomb is perfect for Indoors and outdoors growing. Indoors the plant will stay medium in height but outdoors can bring out the best of the Bomb Seeds genetics. Like most purple/blue strains, Berry Bomb will turn blue under correct conditions (i.e. cooler, lower temperatures at night). It has is a good mould resistance strain and at harvest, buds are super frosty with a sweet berry perfume and taste. Berry Bomb provides a classic indica high and thanks to the indica Blueberry mother you won’t get that couchlock feeling.

Compare Bomb Seeds Berry Bomb Prices

  • 5 Seeds - £33.83
  • 10 Seeds - £61.74
  • 5 Seeds - £35.28
  • 10 Seeds - £65.66
  • 5 Seeds - £36.00
  • 10 Seeds - £67.00
  • 5 Seeds - £34.99
  • 10 Seeds - £64.99
  • 5 Seeds - £35.64
  • 10 Seeds - £66.33

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