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It's rare you'll find a Kush strain with Sativa dominance but that's exactly what Jamaican OG is. It's one of the only Kush strains out there for Sativa lovers. It has a delicious sweet citrus and sandal wood flavour and delivers powerful cerebral Sativa highs that last for hours! It is recommended that you have some experience before growing Jamaican OG though because it does have a tendency to stretch. It will require a certain amount of maintenance to maximise the yield.

Overall Score 4 Welcome To Jamrock!
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The Cali Connection: Jamaican OG

This is one of my favourite Jamaican crosses. She is the South Florida Valley OG clone only crossed to a pure Jamaican dad. With a citrusy sandalwood type taste, she is sure to please. Some will lean heavy to the dad with the satty influence. Some right in between the yield will be boosted on the OG from the Jamaican. Flowering time 9-10 weeks.

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