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Another strain the CBD Crew have enriched is Howard Marks' classic, Nordle, with a staggering concentration of 5.5% CBD! This stuff delivers a medicinal stone that lasts hours with a unique fruity flavour and herbal after-taste. It's primarily a hash plant so it's great for those looking to create extracts such as oil and hashish because it's totally covered in THC trichomes. However you choose to use this plant you're going to be very happy with it's effects.

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CBD Crew: Nordle

Nordle was the name given by Howard Marks to the finest Afghan Hashish when we was discussing drug deals over the phone. The strain Nordle from Mr Nice Seeds maintained the wonders of that hashish from the 1960’s in seed form. The CBD enriched version of this strain grows as a short, strong Christmas tree shaped plant. Its otherwise indica characteristics produce dence compact flowers. It is a fruity strain that gives off hints of freshly cut chives or wild garlic.

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  • 5 Seeds - £36.37
  • 5 Seeds - £34.95
  • 5 Seeds - £37.49
  • 5 Seeds - £34.20
  • 5 Seeds - £50.00
  • 5 Seeds - £32.45
  • 5 Seeds - £42.00
  • 5 Seeds - £82.74

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