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Yummy has been a flavour favourite for years, but now it's not only known for it's taste but also it's unbelievable CBD levels! The Crew have given it the full CBD treatment and enhanced it's CDB concentration to an incredible 5%. If you know anything about cannabis CBD concentrations, you'll know that this is very rare indeed - especially for a Sativa! So there's not a lot more you can ask for from this strain. 400 grams per meter squared in 9 weeks till do you fine!

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CBD Crew: Yummy

CBD Yummy comes from the Resin Seeds side of the CBD Crew. Originally Yummy was a cross of a very special Yumbolt strain selected in 2003, with the G13 Haze male. The CBD version is equally special being the most sativa of the CBD Crew’s strains. it is a strong stemmed strain with good self support producing large colas. This strain is very good for super-cropping. Similar to many Sativas it has an exotic richness, like a tropical fruit fruit salad, with delicious mouth watering tastes.

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  • 5 Seeds - £36.37
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  • 5 Seeds - £37.49
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  • 5 Seeds - £50.00
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