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Marmalate offers Indica lovers massive yields of fruity flavoured bud that's bursting with berry goodness! It's a sweet and sharp smoke on the inhale with a creamy smooth exhale - an instant talking point for anybody that smokes it. Marmalate's Critical+ genetics contribute to it's huge yields and short flowering times, while it's Lavender genetics bring out the unique flavour and look of the bud. If you're a connoisseur you're going to be thoroughly impressed with this strain.

Overall Score 4.2 Purple Passion
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Delicious Seeds: Marmalate

From our genetics pantry comes an explosive mixture of flavours… Two of the plants that have made history in the world of cannabis for their performance, flavour and unique nuances; Critical+, sativa-like, but with strong Indica input, paired with a variety of Indica-type plant and a great sativa, Lavender.

This hybrid proudly shows off the characteristics that have made its parents famous, delighting us with its large, dense buds with blue hues, with surprising hints of blueberries and red berries, nuances that turn into creamy, fruity panache in your mouth.

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