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California Hash Plant is a very easy to grow, highly resinous strain that's perfect for hash production. It's a pure Indica, and it's effects are completely physical with strong body numbing stones that qualify as medicinal grade. It's a strong outdoor breed that can take a good bashing from natures elements - resisting mould and handling cool night time temperatures with ease. You're looking at an extremely large yield if you grow California Hash Plant outdoors.

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Dinafem Seeds: California Hash Plant

This plant is a pure indica, the result of an endogamic cross made between 2 sister plants of the same genetic line. They were selected outdoors, in high humidity and low light conditions, over several years, focussing on fast flowering and high production. They demonstrated that they were more suitable than the rest, due to their good mould resistance.

This ability to adapt to cold and humid climates is mainly due to the precocity of both parental plants, which flower within 45/50 days indoors; outdoors the fastest specimens ripen around 25th September and the last around 5th October. It has a bush-like shape, forming a well branched-out and wide plant, not particularly tall displaying a typical indica shape; the leaves are wide and dark with a short internodal distance, which improves flower production allover the surface of the branches.

This is a good and fast producer making it a safe bet outdoors. It smells sweet, not very strong, making it easier to conceal than other strains, which is often very important; when dried, the aroma is mild, not particularly dense or fruity and more similar to hash or spices. It is not a fresh or floral scent but a little cured.

It has medium strength and a sedative effect due to its CBO content, quite similar to the effect of hashish, as its name suggests. It is suitable to be used as a tranquiliser, for patients with nervous disorders or sleeping difficulties, thanks to its low psychoactive effect, which calms more than excites the imagination.

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