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If you like your LA Confidential, you're going to love this new LA hybrid. It's a tropical thunderstorm of LA, and Hawaii Maui Wowie that promises even bigger yields (up to 650 grams per meter squared), faster growth and an even longer lasting high! It's a 60% Indica / 40% Sativa hybrid so it's effects are slightly different to the original LA Confidential. Rather just being a heavy stone, IsLAnd has a mental uplifting effect as well.

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DNA Genetics: IsLAnd

LA Confidential has been our Flagship strain since we started DNA so it was bound to happen that we do a LA Collection of sorts! In the Cross we bring from the Hawaiian islands. Maui Wowie has been a favorite of many growers young and old because of her taste and large dense flowers. The Maui will help increase yields of the LA, as well as speed up the vegetative time. If you have already grown LA expect much larger yields as well as the dense flowers you have grown to love in the LA.

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  • 6 Seeds - £44.82
  • 1 Seed - £7.43
  • 6 Seeds - £44.55
  • 6 Seeds - £44.99
  • 6 Seeds - £44.95
  • 6 Seeds - £45.00

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