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Pure South African Sativas are extremely demanding and virtually impossible to grow outdoors in northern climates - that is until you throw a bit of Indica into the mix! By crossing South African Sativa with a strong and sturdy Indica variety, Eva Seeds have given everybody the opportunity to easily enjoy this rare cannabis speciality. African Free yields much heavier and even faster than traditional African Sativa, and still retains the unmistakably euphoric highs it's famous for.

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Eva Seeds: African Free

A cross between a pure South African and a very resistant and high yielding male Indica, which makes for vigorous production of buds and crystallization of resin. It has a sweet taste and an euphoric sativa effect. Indoors, it is sensitive to extreme variations in temperature. It does not like temperatures lower than 18 degrees C.

Outdoors, it is an easy and very productive plant to grow. It is suitable for Sea of Green and intensive growing. Good for hashish extraction.

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