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Amsterdam Mist is essentially The Flying Dutchmen's own improvement on the classic Sativa strain Haze Mist. They've increased the resin output and substantially shortened the flowering period of Haze Mist to produce a hybrid that's easier to grow and even more potent than it's predecessor. Amsterdam Mist will produce a heavy yield of Sativa in around 80 days. It's suited for both indoor and outdoor growth, but outdoors you'll need a lot of sunny weather. Highs are uplifting!

Overall Score 3.8 Advanced Genetics
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The Flying Dutchmen: Amsterdam Mist

Haze Mist was developed from Original Haze in order to give weight and density to the running floral clusters. Amsterdam Mist improves further by increasing the resin production and shortening flowering time through breeding with Northern Lights.

Sativas from South India and South East Asia combine with the legendary Afghani Indica for a stunning cannabis hybrid. Fat, twisted calyxes shine with resin crystals and mass into huge, fragrant tops.
Now it’s possible to get pleasantly lost in the mists of Amsterdam from the comfort of your home!

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  • 5 Seeds - £36.37
  • 1 Seed - £8.15
  • 5 Seeds - £40.74
  • 10 Seeds - £76.63
  • 5 Seeds - £42.49
  • 10 Seeds - £80.99
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