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Skunk #1 is a piece of cannabis history. People throw the word "skunk" around casually to describe any potent weed these days, but this is the real deal. This is the original strain that gained the reputation of being next-level, ultra-potent, super-stinky wonder weed! It's used by seed-banks in countless hybridizations and variations but this is it in it's purest form. It grows rapidly, and in just 50 days of flowering explodes with a huge yield of classic high grade cannabis.

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The Flying Dutchmen: Skunk #1

This is the strain that changed cannabis cultivation. The original Indica-Sativa hybrid that has astonished weed lovers for more than a quarter-century is now available as a feminised variety!

The potency of this branch of the cannabis family tree is so notorious that ‘skunk’ is often used as a term for any powerful ganja. Breeders regard Skunk #1 as the benchmark of uniform, reliable performance and her rock-solid genotype has influenced a hundred modern hybrids. Skunk #1’s energetic performance and bountiful yields demonstrate the true meaning of hybrid vigour. Growth and flowering are mostly-Indica in appearance, though Skunk plants gain more height than pure Indicas when blooming. The extra-dark green of this strain’s foliage comes from her Afghan ancestors.

Flowering is very fast and Skunk #1 produces robust stems and branches to support her superior yields. Short internode gaps explode into dense, rounded bud-clusters which merge into huge, heavy colas by harvest time.

Skunk #1’s Sativa genes have a subtle effect on flower structure plus a wonderful influence on her effect – a stunningly potent combination of stone and high!

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  • 5 Seeds - £27.91
  • 1 Seed - £6.21
  • 5 Seeds - £31.04
  • 10 Seeds - £54.32
  • 5 Seeds - £32.49
  • 10 Seeds - £59.49
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  • 5 Seeds - £31.68
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