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Kannabia's Special is their number one all-rounder that's just as enjoyable to grow as it is to smoke! It's almost pure Indica with genetics from Early Pearl, Skunk and Black Domina so you're not looking at a long flowering period with this strain - just 60 days! It can be grown indoors or outdoors with ease, as it's highly resistant to pests and mould. Final yields will weigh in at around 400 grams per meter squared with a THC level of around 17%.

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Kannabia Seeds: Special

We wanted to work with original genetics to offer growers some different varieties. Kannabia Special has been created specially for growers who are beginners.

It’s a plant with very noticeable indica features such as its structure and size. The combination of Early Pearl x Skunk (from Switzerland and extra-fast to flower) and our own Black Domina results in a hybrid that is almost 100% indica. It adapts very well to any climate or altitude. Outdoors, it can reach all its potential with plants that are 1.60 m tall, giving numerous buds full of trichomes, although some plants may reach over 2 m tall.

It’s very easy to grow, withstanding all kinds of stress and even the most radical pruning to increase the yield (particularly good on the lower branches).

Indoors, it’s best to grow it in 7-to-10-litre pots for optimal results. The plant forms thick stems that give off a very sweet smell when rubbed. The flowers tend to thicken out to form dense, compact bunches on each node of the plant.

The sativa component of Early Pearl combines with the indica of Black Domina to produce a plant that grows vigorously with a very small internode and large rich-green leaves. Thanks to its heritage, Kannabia Special is a strong plant that is resistant to attack by all kinds of insects and mould (provided that rainfall is not continuous), despite forming a very dense flower structure. Indoors, from clones, its growth needs to be controlled, as it would be very risky to extend it longer than 15 days.

With seeds, a vegetative period of three weeks will result in plants that are 35-40 cm tall and ready to start flowering. The flowering cycle usually lasts about seven weeks, although some plants may take eight weeks to ripen fully.

Outdoors they will be ready by the second or third week in September. Although not a particularly “hungry” variety, it happily accepts large amounts of fertiliser. Assimilating the nutrients well is the key to getting the very best out of this variety, so you should ensure that you get the pH and EC levels right, keeping the pH between 5.7 and 6.2 and the EC between 1.6 and 2.2.

The flavour is reminiscent of acidic fruit and coffee, with a piquant edge to it. The effect is a mixture between sativa and indica, with a fairly “trippy” high that comes on quickly, stabilising into to a nice, relaxing sense of well-being.

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