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Canada today is one of the leading countries for cannabis reform. They know what they are doing with their bud and it shows with Canadian Kush! Canada's very own Kush strain has only just recently been introduced into the market, but it's made an impact already; winning 2nd place at the 2013 Spannabis Cup this year! It's a great strain for anybody that's a fan of Indica. It's got an extraordinary resin output that can produce top quality hash, and other extracts with ease.

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Medical Seeds: Canadian Kush

This plant is the crossing of a Purple Kush from California by Special K Canada; a particularly versatile plant that gives very good results both indoors and outdoors. It’s ideal for growing in spaces with limited height as it usually does not grow much. It’s leaves are short and wide with a classic Indica pattern and dark green shades can purchase purple hues mark the end of flowering. It forms very dense buds, compact and completely snowed giving very high performance. The plant aroma reminiscent pine and has an earthy flavour with hints of grape that is unmistakable. We recommend organic farming to maximize the aroma and flavour. 

Canadian Kush has a high level of THC that gives you a euphoric entry but quickly becomes a sensation rather narcotic medicinal level being assessed for problems like depression, insomnia and pain relief.  Its effect is strong and can last up to four hours in people with low levels of tolerance, and is usually characterized by its relaxing effects. 

  • 2nd – Spannabis Cup, Barcelona, ​​2013; Extraction category.

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