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Early Haze is great for growers that want to experience the uniqueness of Haze without waiting 14 weeks to get it. It's possible that Early Haze will finish flowering in as little as 8 weeks - producing a Sativa rich yield around 600 grams per meters squared indoors. Now that's something worth thinking about! If you want to feel the soaring Sativa highs of Haze, it's now going to come to you a lot easier than before!

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Mr Nice Seeds: Early Haze

This is a limited edition seed that has a unique scent and flavour and due to its early finishing side has been a great influence on the practical Haze hybrids. Now it is possible to select for a Haze influence in flavour and a quick growing and substantial yield for a flowering plant without sacrificing anything on effect. This will have Medical growers, inexperienced growers and advanced growers all working on a level playing ground as the selection of a mother will be individual to the requirements of those choosing this hybrid to adventure into.

There is a particularly unique flavour accompanied with the Early Queen side of this hybrid and with some fair selection there will be a real gift waiting to be found. It will be a very easy and rewarding plant for all styles of growers and all types of mediums – without compromise. Earlier phenotypes of this hybrid will be completed by 8 or 9 weeks and 11 weeks for the distinctly unique flavoured phenotypes. A yield of 400 to 600 grams per square meter would be a bench mark to realize, but it may surprise the grower if the plant likes the growing arrangement. Outdoor and greenhouse grows will be above average. This is a hybrid that a lot of growers will attempt in time as it offers a good side to all traits a plant is selected for including alleviation to medical symptoms and pain management.

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