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Two of the most revered strains in cannabis history join forces to create an extremely potent and heavy hitting hybrid that just might be the strongest in Mr Nice's collection. When G13 and Black Widow come together, you know you're in for a pleasant surprise - and that's exactly what G13 Widow gives you. This unique strain has the tendency to produce one of a kind phenotypes that are un-freaking-believable - so rich in THC it's almost supernatural!

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Mr Nice Seeds: G13 Widow

Over the past decade in the cannabis culture, there have been several new hybrids developed that took the cannabinoid levels to some significant heights in the growing plant. Since it is becoming the most sought after research topic worldwide by numerous professionals in this area, this combination a most interesting and intriguing plant to work with.The genetic make up of this particular blend combines Afghan, South Indian and Brazilian in a single plant.

The phenotypes range from an expression of a sativa with an Indica type flower to a dense Indica predominance. Selection is definitely something to spend a little time on to customize the plant to one’s requirements. In a normal indoor grow this plant can be grown for a week to 10 days before being flowered. Expected flowering times range between 7-10 weeks (depending on the phenotype flowered. An expected yield of 400-550 grams per square meter is a rule of thumb, but it depends on how one grows/flowers and the selection of the seed.

This plant has the capacity to stretch a little, but nothing to get too concerned about with a normal height room. The distinctive features of this plant are the aroma, taste, and the effects once the product is ready. These all vary considerably depending upon the particular plant; however, if one finds strange aromas, one might well be surprised by the effects. It may not be for everyone but those looking for a holy grail type of plant for their gardens should give this hybrid a try. It can be very rewarding to find that 1 in a 1000.

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