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You could almost call this Sativa strain "revolutionary", because it's one of the shortest flowering pure Sativa strains out there. As opposed to the usual 12 week flowering period you associate with Sativa's, Atomical Haze flowers in just 9 weeks. That's 21 whole days knocked off! It's quite extraordinary.

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Paradise Seeds: Atomical Haze

This variety contains one part original Haze, which is a combination of several Sativa landraces such as Colombian, Mexican and Thai. One part is an Indian classic and last but not least a sweet Afghan. The result is devastating and superb in every way. A good combination of genes. These plants can grow quite tall but not as big and ever continuing as some other Hazes.  Plants are actually quite proportioned and make big sized buds covering the branches with medium sized leaves. Trimming is like picking fruits from a tree, so easy.

The Sativa/ Haze trait is dominant. But this combination give this plants a taste and high superior to most varieties. The flavour when inhaled is typically sweet and sour, similar to the taste of kiwis, with a fine hazy after-taste in the mouth when exhaled. The plants should be put directly from seed into flowering or when grown a bit longer just a few pots will do with a bit of bending tricks. The souring clear high keeps you awake so its better to use during daytime. You will not be able to stop with whistling. Enjoy this legend.

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