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They call it Ghost Train Haze #1, and if you're an inexperienced smoker it really can be a scary ride! Lab tests revealed this strain to contain over 25% THC... Now that's phenomenal! This cross of The Original Ghost OG and Nevil's Haze delivers an amped up high like no other, and for a Sativa strain it's yield is verging on the super natural. It's no wonder why this is one of Rare Dankness's most in demand strains!

Overall Score 4.5 Super Natural!
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Rare Dankness: Ghost Train Haze #1

A cross of The Original Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck that delivers a very uplifting and energetic Sativa high. It’s a great daytime smoke, especially for wake and bakers! With over 25% THC content it will blow your box off no matter how long you have been smoking. Flowering takes up to 80 days but good things definitely come to those who wait!

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