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This is a daytime only weed, ideally for wake and bakers! If you smoke this stuff at night then prepare for insomnia to follow - you won't get a wink of sleep! Growing Somali Taxi Ride is very rewarding indeed. It's rare you'll find a Sativa strain that produces this much fluffy, crystal covered bud but that's you should expect when you're dealing with Rare Dankness!

Overall Score 4.2 Crazy Tripping!
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Rare Dankness: Somali Taxi Ride

The name might sound odd but it makes perfect sense. When they first tested this strain out, the guy who smoked it described the high as “What I imagine catching a cab in Somalia must be like. Exhilarating, heart racing, sensory overload that seems like it may go bad at a few turns along the ride but ultimately drops you off at your destination aware of your heart beat and mental capacity intact and at peace!” Sounds exciting eh?

It’s a blend of African Malawi and Nevil’s Haze that flowers in around 70 days producing a giant yield of fluffy, yet strangely dense buds that will give you a kick in the ass and get you on your way. So strap your seatbelt on and prepare to ride the Somalian taxi!

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