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Silver Bubble is a Sativa dominant triple hybrid with genetics from the likes of Northern Lights, Skunk and Haze that delivers a strong and long lasting high with an unmistakable haze flavour. She grows indoors producing a yield of up to 600 grams per meter squared in around 9 weeks. She can also be grown outdoors in cooler climates as she's very resilient and resistant to mould. Silver Bubble is a popular strain because it's a great all rounder and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

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Reserva Privada: Silver Bubble

Known for years as the top smoke at the Grey Area Coffee Shop in Amsterdam and now is available to the rest of the world. The Silver Bubble is a balanced mix of 1/4 Northern Lights, 1/4 Skunk and 1/2 Haze. She finishes in 10 weeks tops or mid-October outdoor. The Silver Bubble is mould resistant and can handle the cold. She is a moderate to heavy eater and will stretch a bit if not controlled. Pinching is a great method, or topping works good as well. The smell of the Silver Bubble is unique, and the colour is a silver shine glistening through the HPS. Classic Haze flavour from the smell, to the smoke, to the after taste, classifies her as being a “complete” smoke. It’s exactly what you’ve been searching for without the mystery. If you’re looking for a head stash strain, Silver Bubble is for you and anyone who has been to Amsterdam. They will instantly be reminded of a moment the Silver Bubble got um there!

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  • 1 Seed - £7.60
  • 3 Seeds - £22.83
  • 6 Seeds - £38.05
  • 1 Seed - £6.49
  • 6 Seeds - £38.95
  • 6 Seeds - £39.98
  • 6 Seeds - £35.08
  • 6 Seeds - £40.00
  • 6 Seeds - £39.99
  • 6 Seeds - £41.95
  • 6 Seeds - £41.58
  • 12 Seeds - £81.91

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