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AppleJack is a sweet and sour Sativa superstar, regarded as one of Amsterdam's all time flavour favourites. It's bursting with fruity goodness and a THC concentration of almost 20%. For a Sativa strain it flowers fast, becoming fully ripe in just 10 weeks. It puts out over 500 grams per meter squared which is more than enough apples for your recommended daily allowance! AppleJack's high is euphoric and long lasting - a lot like it's Jack Herer parent!

Overall Score 4.1 Concentrated Juice!
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Seedism Seeds: AppleJack

The original AppleJack has been a popular strain in some of the hottest coffee shops in Amsterdam back in 2001, unfortunately one of the original parents used to breed this strain with has died and it looked like that that was the end of that strain.

Until we started the Seedism collective, this is when we met “Hazemaster” who is the main breeder of RDG genetics and has perfected the art of selfing during his many years as a breeder for various established seed companies.

We now had the technique to use the remaining Applejack clones that were stored within our genetic library and produce the first ever 100% female AppleJack seeds.

AppleJack is a quick flowering Sativa dominant plant that can finish her flowering cycle within 10 weeks and gives good yields. They adapt very well to different environments and can be grown even in smaller grow rooms.

The high is a perfect blend of a subtle relaxation of the muscles followed by a strong trippy head buzz.

AppleJack grows large fragrant buds and needs branch support to prevent your plants from breaking under their own weight.

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