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Seedism Seeds have without a doubt created the strongest Cheese hybrid currently available on the cannabis seed market. CheeseWreck is a ridiculously potent hybrid of Cheese and TrainWreck that will put even the most tolerant smokers through their paces. It's a Sativa dominant strain that grows a lot like an Indica, flowering in as little as 9 weeks and producing up to 600 grams per meter squared. If you're a hardcore weed head, you're in great company!

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Seedism Seeds: CheeseWreck

There are a few versions of the (UK) Cheese around, as well as some IBL versions of the infamous Arcata Trainwreck. Both known for their unique smell and taste, as well as their intense potency. The CheeseWreck is a perfect union between these two strains, a lot of flavour with an unexpected strong psychoactive effect that will last for many hours after consumption.

Seedism’s CheeseWreck will elevate you to heights you never thought possible, with her dominant Sativa influences the CheeseWreck is definitely a very trippy smoke with the extremely long lasting couch lock from the original Trainwreck. CheeseWreck is a Sativa dominant strain, but one with little stretch during their flowering cycle (30%-50%), the amount of stretch during the first few weeks of their flowering cycle depends on how you grew the plant during their vegetative cycle where single stem plants grow a little taller than plants that have been topped during growth. The broad fingered leaves during their growth tend to look more like those from an Indica strain, with narrower leaves appearing during the second half of the flowering cycle, slowly turning yellow just before the plants reach maturity, leaving you with a low leave to bud ratio before harvesting.

CheeseWreck does not grow single long buds but instead grows hard clusters of flowers between the internodes and a single big bud at the end of each stem resulting in a lot of buds with a high yield. Already an amazing aroma and taste as soon as it is dry enough to smoke but the true connoisseurs will appreciate the higher qualities of this strain after a proper curing period.

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