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Killa Watt is a potent Kush variety that has been tailor made for indoor growth. It's in it's element under those 600 watt halogens, where it produces well over half a kilo per meter squared. It's an Indica dominant strain that delivers an extremely hard hitting and couch locking body stone. It's exceptionally strong weed with a THC concentration of up to 22%. It's relatively easy to grow and it flowers in as little 60 days.

Overall Score 4.3 Heavy Weight!
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Seedism Seeds: Killa Watt

The Killa Watt is a Hindukush hybrid selected for its extreme growth vigour resulting in incredible yields, perfect for growers that need uniform plants with little stretch and big buds.

A true “killa” when it comes down to potency, this strain has the potential to grow into a one-hit wonder with an incredible THC and CBD level that can surprise even the most veteran smokers.

Since the Killa Watt’s genetic make-up consists primarily of Hindukush you can expect a very tasty smoke with a slight after taste of the sweetest Hashish.

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