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This Milk doesn't contain calcium, but it contains over 18% THC. In fact, this strain was named after the sheer amount of milky resin that flows from it's juicy buds. Milk is a hybrid of White Widow and Skunk #1 and believe you me, seeing is believing how resinous this plant actually gets. It flowers in as little as 60 days and despite the quality of this weed it doesn't compromise the size of the yield. You'll have bags of the whitest bud ever!

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Seedism Seeds: Milk

Back in the 1980’s one of the most potent strains was created by hybridizing a selection of Brazilian and Indian genetics into the already existing Dutch gene pool. In those days people had not yet seen a bud as white as the original White Widow, which was the name given to this one hit wonder bud and left the first ever smokers dazed and confused by its raw potency.

Our genetics library holds quite a couple of selected phenotypes of the original Ingemar WW line as well as later obtained keepers, although it were the original genetics that proven to be the ones to continue breeding with. We have selected the Indica dominant parents to ensure the Indica growers not to have to deal with the extreme stretching some “modern” white strains show.

Seedism proudly re-introduces the original White Widow through the ultimate Indica selection packs, this strain gets whiter and more resinous every day during her flowering cycle right untill the last few weeks. Milky white buds that are so full of milky white resin that we had to call this strain “Milk”, just like the colour of your skin when you smoke this one without some mental preparation.

Milk becomes a medium tall plant, stretching between 40-60% in height during her flowering cycle. Like all the strains in the ultimate Indica selection, this one requires branch support to prevent your bending plants from breaking. Yields are related to the all-round quality of the environment your growing these plants in, but you can expect high yields as expected from an Indica strain.

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