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Stickiness is usually an indicator of a cannabis plant's strength because the stickier the bud, the more THC resin! SuperGlue takes stickiness to extreme with resin production that almost seems biologically impossible. This super impressive strain takes just just 65 days to flower and produces huge yields as large as 600 grams per square meter. It delivers a strong Indica stone but not a knock-out one. It's actually a very social high that's great to smoke around friends.

Overall Score 3.8 Natural Wonder!
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Seedism Seeds: SuperGlue

Sticky fingers, ruined scissors and many hours of trimming make the SuperGlue a strain to be prepared for. The sheer size of the cola’s produced by this baby require adequate airflow to prevent issues later in her flowering cycle, you will notice her leaves slowly losing their darker green colour with the big fan leaves quickly turning yellow half way into their flowering period.

Superglue is a medium strength Indica/Sativa hybrid with a mainly Indica growth pattern, and a relaxing, social after effect.

This is a strain for cash-crop growers who desire both yield and quality and don’t mind to invest in new scissors every harvest.

The aromas balance between pine and caramel, but this strain does not stink too much during her flowering period making her suitable for growers who prefer to keep the smell down.

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