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Chronic and Haze are two absolutely huge names in the world of weed, so when these two strains came together to create Chronic Haze it was immediately obvious it was going to be an instant classic! This strain is beast with THC levels averaging at around 20% and almost half a kilo per meter square yields indoors! It's balance of award-winning Sativa and Indica genetics provide the ultimate stone that will just blow you away. This is for the real weed smokers!

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World Of Seeds: Chronic Haze

The genetic mixture originally used to create the parents of our Chronic Haze is very broad and involves common forebears given that Chronic is a cross between Northern Light, Skunk and AK 47, which are themselves indica/ sativa hybrids from Afghan, Colombian, Mexican and Thai genetics; all of which opens up several possibilities when it comes to crossing these two famous strains. After some initial selection and crossing, we chose a fruity specimen with incense notes, giving a new twist to both flavours, which produced higher yields in a shorter flowering period than Haze. Growth is very vigorous, especially during the pre-flowering stage, so the utmost care must be taken to control the height the plants reach before flowering as they may grow too high.

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