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Colossus transforms from tiny seed into full blown cannabis harvest in just 55 days! It's the 7 Dwarfs largest strain and it puts out a massive 55 grams per plant, which is absolutely insane for an autoflowering plant. It can be grown indoors in a sea of green, or outdoors as a guerilla grow. This tough and hardy plant will thrive in any environment. If you've never grown before, you're not going to struggle with this plant. Just feed it the water and let it do it's thing.

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7 Dwarfs Seeds: Colossus

Colossus was created by crossing Lowryder 2 with Maxi Gom.  The result is a monstrous automatic, producing resin all over its huge main cola. Colossus impresses with a sweet pineapple aroma and exotic taste.  Easy to grow and although slightly taller than our other strains.

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