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Everyone has heard of the cannabis legend that is AK-47... Well this just might be the easiest way to grow and enjoy the rapid and intense highs of AK-47 there is! There's no waiting around for this strain. It'll be budding in all of it's glory just 55 days after it has germinated, and producing 50 grams per plant of extremely potent Sativa rich bud that you'll recognise immediately after smoking. You need no experience to grow this AK-47 strain - just the basic ingredients!

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7 Dwarfs Seeds: Cyclops

Developed from the original Lowryder and a truly exceptional AK-47, Cyclops may well be our favourite strain. It is certainly our most potent. Impressing with its vigorous growth, huge yields, fierce aroma and a crushing high, Cyclops is a plant that has to be seen to be believed. During flowering, pistols appear in their thousands, when approaching maturity Cyclops explodes with crystals.

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  • 1 Seed - £9.90
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  • 5 Seeds - £49.95
  • 5 Seeds - £49.99
  • 5 Seeds - £49.49

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