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Basically, this is an automatic Blueberry Kush strain. It's mouthwatering fruity flavour is good enough to rival even some top connoisseur strains that require handfuls of knowledge to bring to harvest. Titan however, is one of the easiest automatic strains you can grow and it's ready to harvest just 55 days after germination! That's right, in just 55 days you'll practically walk your way to a delicious Indica harvest with 50 and over grams per plant.

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7 Dwarfs Seeds: Titan

Titan is a stable, inbred cross of Automatic Blueberry and Automatic Hindu Kush.  Producing dense blue buds with the sweetest scent imaginable.  Holding Titan in your hand has a profound effect on the senses.  It’s addictive aroma will have you salivating uncontrollably, its exquisite appearance will make you giddy.  See it and you need it, try it and you will never forget it.

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  • 1 Seed - £9.90
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  • 5 Seeds - £49.95
  • 5 Seeds - £49.99
  • 5 Seeds - £49.49

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