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Africanized bud is among the strongest in the world, and Malawi just might be the strongest African Sativa landrace there is! This stuff is white knuckle weed. You might not be able to handle it if you're not an experienced smoker. Yes, the flowering period is a little longer than you'd like (12 weeks) but the quality of this cannabis is far far superior to your average. If you want a once in a lifetime yield of something spectacularly special, then give Malawi a chance.

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Ace Seeds: Malawi

After years of hard work and intense selections with Sativas from all around the world, we can confirm that Malawi is the most powerful and psychedelic landrace sativa we know. Its dense flowers of enormous trichomes compete with the most powerful Indica /Sativa and Indica hybrids on the market in reference to their size and cannabinoids concentration. The potency of their flowers is simply devastating, and it is especially recommended for experienced smokers that seek extreme sativa effects without renounce to an abundant harvest.

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  • 1 Seed - £9.30
  • 5 Seeds - £38.91
  • 1 Seed - £8.10
  • 5 Seeds - £40.48
  • 1 Seed - £9.99
  • 5 Seeds - £45.49
  • 5 Seeds - £41.30
  • 5 Seeds - £44.95

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