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Auto Whopper is a fun and easy way to grow a huge yield in a small space of time! It's not demanding at all, and you don't really need any prior experience to make a success of this strain. It's going perform excellently whether you're an amateur or a seasoned professional and put yields weighing up to 450 grams per meter squared in just 75 days from seed! There's no compromise in strength. This stuff is great quality coming from a strong genetic history.

Overall Score 4.4 King Size Whopper
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Auto Seeds: Auto Pounder

Auto Pounder is the yield king of autoflowering strains. Its massive harvests are comparable to many standard non-autos. This makes it an ideal choice for any commercial grower who would not usually consider autoflowering varieties yet would like the benefits an auto delivers. Auto Pounder was developed crossing our high production Auto #1 with two of the highest yielding strains available today: Sensi’s original Big Bud and the incredible yielding Power Plant. Under optimal conditions, Auto Pounder can produce almost 1 pound (450g/m2) per square meter.

Auto Pounder also maintains maximum flavour which is both sweet and fruity as well as excellent disease and pest resistance. To deliver such huge yields, Auto Pounder has a slightly larger stature than standard autos with a very high flower to leaf ratio and greater height, usually around 60-100cm. It will finish in as little as 70-80 days from seed. Auto Pounder is considered very easy to grow and is an excellent choice for beginners as well as more experienced growers.

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  • 3 Seeds - £26.21
  • 5 Seeds - £36.36
  • 3 Seeds - £26.95
  • 5 Seeds - £38.71
  • 3 Seeds - £25.43
  • 3 Seeds - £27.50
  • 5 Seeds - £39.50
  • 3 Seeds - £27.23
  • 5 Seeds - £39.11
  • 10 Seeds - £77.04

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