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The Cali Connection have an offer you can't refuse - Corleone Kush - a hard hitting Indica / Sativa hybrid with effects that are just as unpredictable as the Don himself. Sometimes you'll get a strong Indica stone that'll put you to sleep, but on other occasions you'll get an awakening Sativa high that'll send your mind rocketing. The only thing that is certain is this strains power! In as little as 70 days on the flowering cycle it'll produce enough weed to feed the whole mob!

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The Cali Connection: Corleone Kush

Corleone kush was named by the people for the people. We took the famed Pre ’98 Bubba cut and hit it with our Tahoe OG Kush reversed male. This has been a cross I have wanted to make for years. Left to go 70 days it will hit you as hard as a wise guy would. It was given a name destined for strength and she does just that. deliver some serious strength. she will taste like lemon incense with a fairly heavy Indica stone.

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  • 6 Seeds - £67.66
  • 6 Seeds - £68.60
  • 6 Seeds - £70.59
  • 6 Seeds - £69.99
  • 6 Seeds - £83.16

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