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Larry OG Kush is just as potent as it is flavoursome and really is one of the best all-round Kush strains currently available. It's a blend of Indica and Sativa genetics from South Florida Valley OG Kush and the legendary strain Larry that has an overall Indica dominance. If you're a connoisseur you'll find this Kush a real treat. Larry OG's palate is a complex balance of cedar and black pepper with subtle hints of lemongrass and pine.

Overall Score 4.2 Happy As Larry!
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The Cali Connection: Larry OG Kush

This is another project of mine to bring the famed Larry cut to the worlds stage. I once again used my trusty South Florida Valley OG Kush F3 male to pollinate the Larry clone, yields will be fantastic with solid lemon fuely stinky sticky buds… Solid grower and a solid representation of Larry OG kush.. Once again 8 week Flowering time!

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