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They probably called this strain Sugarloaf because it's yield is mountainous! This hybrid actually produces buds so heavy that they're hazardous. Basically, if you want your plant to survive with it's enormous buds, you'll have to support it's branches to stop them from snapping! Sugarloaf's buds swell up so fast that the plant simply can't hold them up by itself. Every day you'll notice the plant growing until it reaches full maturity at about day 60. Then the buds are all yours!

Overall Score 4.3 Mountain Of Bud!
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Cannabiogen: Sugarloaf

An F1 Hybrid of extraordinary vigour, large trichomes and dense, resinous buds. The mother, a beautiful Indica whose seeds were brought back from Pakistan was crossed with our favourite Capricho male (Capricho, a backcrossed Manali x Colombian). This Indica / Sativa combination with it’s high proportion of calix to leaf ratio and a potent psychoactive high is also a large producer whose branches need to be tied to avoid breakage.

A wonderful, delightful treat that can be grown indoors and outdoors. Vegetable period 20/25 days.

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