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Taskenti is an awesome hash plant that produces massive yields of rock hard dense buds, but it often gets overlooked because of it's foreign and peculiar name. If you're an Indica lover, you should really get familiar with this strain because it's got everything to offer. Firstly, it's connoisseur flavour is more complex than your usual hashy flavoured Indicas. Secondly, it's alot richer in THC and CBD than your average. And lastly, it only takes just 7 weeks to flower! Stop sleeping on it!

Overall Score 4.4 get familiar!
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Cannabiogen: Taskenti

A 100% Indica originated in Uzbekistan. Its name comes from one of the best hash in the world, according to experts; a very powerful and resinous strain, of enormous yield, mainly outdoors.

It has a refined and subtle hashish perfume, a shade between mint and lemon, very intense.

Original latitude and height cultivation conditions have made its acclimatization very simple, similar to Southern Spain Mountains. Nevertheless a meticulous selection and improvement work has been done to fix genetic dominance for the most important aspects, allowing simultaneously diversifying the zones of growing indoors (also hydroponics) and outdoors.

Indoors plants mature in 7-9 weeks, needing a good ventilation and dry atmosphere, mainly in flowering. Vegetative period: Minimum 30 days for high performance

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