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The shopping doesn’t end with seeds! Browse our cannabis links below for even more cool weed related stores, from head-shops to bong and vaporizer outlets!


Greatest Cannabis Cookbook Ever Written – Marijuana Desserts Edition

Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Marijuana strains database, prices for cannabis seeds, strain info, photo. Find best price for cannabis seeds.


Join Cannabase Connects Today!

Cannabase Connects is a private place to safely connect with other stoners in real time. Share what strain you’re smoking, add a photo of the perfect nug, or comment on a friend’s smoke log. Spark it, snap it, share it and instantly see who’s smoking the same flower. And the best part about virtual smoke circles? You never have to leave the couch.

The 710 Journal

Get the easy to use reports generator for the cannabis extraction process.

Weed Recipes

Hand Blown Glass 

We sell glass pipes, accessories and jewelry.

HoneyComb Bong Shop

The #1 Webshop with the latest and greatest honeycomb bongs

Be Part Of The Cannabis GOLD RUSH!

Be Part of the NEW Gold Rush, Start-up Medical Cannabis Cultivation Business, 24%+ interest paid, $100 to $25,000!

Rasta Seedbank

Quality marijuana seeds at competitive prices. Promocode : (E7CU) for extra freebies.

Cannabis Seeds

Get 10% off your first order at The Vault using code STAR10 in the checkout.

US Based Online Headshop

Smoke Cartel is an online headshop that offers a wide selection of bubblers, dab rigs, water pipes, and vaporizers. Free shipping on all orders with most packages being delivered in under 3 days.

Vaporizers For Sale

If you are looking for high quality herb vaporizers then come over to our online smoke shop and witness the greatest deals in the industry. We stock both portable pen and stationary types from all well known brands.

Graine DeCannabis

iSee Kush

420 Social Network – Devoted to the legalization of Medical Marijuana.

We are The Outliers Collective, San Diego County’s ONLY licensed collective providing safe access to medical marijuana for qualified patients. Our San Diego County License MMJ-0002 is only the second Medical Marijuana License to be issued by the County of San Diego and the only existing Collective licensed to provide Medical Marijuana and Cannabis related products in all of Southern California.

Weed Supplies

We review everything you need to smoke killa weed.

Buy Top 1 Dry Herb Vaporizer Pen HatchUp for Herb/Wax

Best Vaporizer Store, Shop for your Vape Pen on

Dutch Cannabis Seeds

Zambeza, the best place for all your feminized and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Elevate 420

Elevate 420 provides water filtration systems to legal cannabis growers.

Want to be prescribed and possess legally? Start smoking in Peace Canada!


The first hemp-based cannabidiol vaporizer on the market. A natural alternative to smoking!

Vaporizers For Sale

#1 USA Online Vaporizer Outlet For Vape Pens and Portable Vaporizers.

American Bongs

American Bongs is an informational site about american made glass on glass water pipes. Find info on all the latest concentrate pipes for dabbing, bongs for flower and more!

Vamo V5

Check out the new portable vaporizer that’s got people buzzing!

Herbal Smoke Blends

Big Head Shop offers or Marijuana Smoking Alternatives, Herbal Incense, and Herbal Smoke Blends.

Herbal Vaporizers

Vaporizers, portables, desktops, spare parts & accessories. Great prices.

How To Stop Smoking Weed

How to stop smoking weed naturally together with using a home treatment.


Visit Pier420 today for the latest vaporizers, mods, e-cigs, titanium nails, dabbers, batteries, grinders and so much more!

Marijuana Delivery

We strive to become the medical marijuana collective that is most admired for it’s medicine, compassion and members.

Max Spliffington

Max Spliffington is the winner of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize in Smoking Marijuana, receiving twenty bucks, a one-year High Times subscription, and a happy ending massage. He has smoked a THC pill, brushes his teeth with hash oil, and is a Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Willie Nelson golfing buddy.

Compare Cannabis Seeds

USA based Online Headshop and Smoke Shop selling HQ Glass.

Glass Pipes For Sale

We are the leading online head shop that specializes in satisfying our customers needs.

Smoke Breaks / Disposable Glass Pipes

Everything you love in glass pipes with the convenience of rolling papers!

Buy Top Rated Vaporizers for Quality Prices

The site is focused on providing the best vaporizers at a reasonable price and promoting vaporization as a healthier option to smoking.

Homegrown Reviews – Marijuana Seeds and Strain Reviews! 100% Free Social Network For Weed Smokers!

The All New Social Network Where Everyone Can Finally Gather & Say High LIVE! We’re Only About Good Vibes Here at WeeDiddy! So Join Us Today! It’s 100% FREE! The First Ever Web Based Live Video Smoking Sessions! Tons of Smoke Sessions to choose from!

We offer the highest quality marijuana seeds at affordable prices and ship discretely world wide!

Magic Vaporizers

Magic Vaporizers house the best brands at the lowest prices! Buy vaporizers from a reputable source!

Everything About Weed .com – Providing Safe, Education About Weed.

Cannabis Coupon Codes

Deals and discounts added daily for the net’s top seedbanks and headshops!

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